Bengal Warriors vs UP Yoddhas Live Score, Pro Kabaddi 2022: Bengal crawls back with all-out; UP still ahead with 6 points; 32-26 with 10 minutes left

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s live coverage of the Bengal Warriors vs UP Yoddhas game.

The score will read as Bengal vs UP:


26-32 A combination tackle from Girish and Manoj Gowda as Pardeep goes to the bench.

25-32 Bonus for Manoj Gowda.

24-32 Nitesh tackles Maninder.

24-31 Bonus for Rohit.

24-30 Maninder in the raid and takes Ashu SIngh’s touchpoint.

23-30 Manoj Gowda tackled the beast, Pardeep.

22-30 Bonus for Maninder Singh.

21-30 Rohit takes bonus again but finally they tackled him to inflict an all-out on UP.

18-29 Maninder takes Nitesh and Rohit is alone again.

17-29 Rohit takes Deepak Hooda, and the story continues.

17-28 Maninder takes Shubham Kumar.

16-28 Rohit comes and takes the bonus along with Soleiman Pahlevan, it is turning out to be a cat and mouse game.

16-26 Maninder repeats his raid, reduced UP with one man yet again.

15-26 Rohit is again the last man in the raid, can he repeat what he did in the last three raids, oh yeah! YES, HE CAN! He took the bonus along with the touchpoint of Soleiman Pahlevani.


15-25 Maninder in the raid in front of two-man defence third time in a row and he makes it one man again once, Ashu goes out as Rohit left alone yet again.

14-25 Rohit Tomar again the last man in raid gets bonus and Deepak Hooda’s touchpoint.

14-23 Maninder Singh in the raid and he will eye to clean up UP but he gets only one poins, of Sumit.

13-23 Rohit Tomar in the radi and gets a bonus along with the touchpoint of Shubham Shinde to deny the all-out

13-21 Maninder Singh takes the point of Jaideep and UP is only left win one man.

12-21 Rohit Tomar gets a bonus in the do-or-die raid.

12-20 Error from ex captain Nitesh against Maninder who lured him and gets a tag on him for a point.

11-20 Deepak in the raid and he gets the points of Shubham Kumar as it seems that he went out of the bounds.

10-20 Girish in the act for Bengal as he tackles Pardeep.

9-20 Maninder Singh in the raid and he takes Sumit and Ashu Singh’s touchpoint.

7-20 Deepak Hooda in the raid as he is the only man left in the mat for Bengal and he gets tackled as UP has inflicted another all-out on Bengal and it’s serious troubles for them.

6-17 Pardeep in the do-or-die raid and goes away with two points as defenders failed to contain him in the mat. Girish Maruti Ernak, Shubham Shinde goes out.

6-15 Maninder in the do-or-die raid and Ashu Singh tackles him.

6-14 Shubham Shinde with a solo tackle on Rohit to get the SUPER TACKLE, two points for Bengal.

4-14 Pardeep takes Balaji D out this time with a touchpoint.

4-13 Pardeep gets a tag on Shrikant Jadhav.

4-12 Maninder Singh in the raid and gets the touchpoint of Rohit Tomar.

3-12 Pardeep is the master of the super raid and he proved this time and again. Takes Balaji D, Girish Maruti Ernak, and Vaibhav Garje for three point.

3-9 Shrikant in the raid and takes a bonus before getting tackled and with this the Yoddhas’ has inflicted an all-out on Bengal.

2-6 Pardeep takes the defender with a touchpoint of Balaji D.

2-5 Bonus for Shrikant yet again.

1-5 Rohit Tomar gets a tag on Girish.

1-4 Shrikant Jadhav opens the Bengal account via a bonus.

0-4 Pardeep in the raid and he takes the touchpoint of Shubham Shinde.

0-3 Deepak gets tackled by Shubham Kumar.

0-2 James in the first raid of PKL and he gets a tag via a right running kick on Vaibhav Garje.

0-1 Maninder in the first raid and he gets tackled by left corner Sumit.


UP Yoddhas won the toss, Bengal to raid first.


Matches Played: 10 | Bengal: 4 | UP: 3 | Tied: 3



UP YODDHAS: Surender Gill


BENGAL WARRIORS: Maninder SIngh, Vaibhav Garje, Balaji D, Shrikant Jadhav, Deepak Hooda, Shubham Shinde, Girish Maruti

UP YODDHAS: Pardeep Narwa, Ashu Singh, Shubham Kumar, James Kamweti, Rohit Tomar, Nitesh Kumar, Sumit


Lost 41-33 to Haryana Steelers

Beat Telugu Titans 45-25

Beat Bengaluru Bulls 42-33

Beat Patna Pirates 54-26

Lost 24-39 to Jaipur Pink Panthers

Lost 25-27 to Puneri Paltan

Beat Dabang Delhi 35-30

Lost to U Mumba 25-36

Tied 41-41 to Tamil Thalaivas

Beat Gujarat Giants 45-40


Beat Jaipur Pink Panthers 34-32

Lost 23-30 to U Mumba

Lost 42-44 to Dabang Delhi

Beat Bengaluru Bulls 44-37

Lost 45-51 to Gujarat Giants

Beat Tamil Thalaivas 41-24

Lost 29-34 Patna Pirates

Beat Telugu Titans 43-24

Lost 31-40 to Puneri Paltan

Drew 36-36 with Haryana Steelers



Bengal Warriors will enter into this game after an impressive win against Gujarat Giants. The Maninder-led side has five wins, four losses and a tie in the competition. Captain Maninder Singh has been the leading raider for the Warriors this season with 103 raid points and he has got good support from Shrikant Jadhav who has scored 46 raid points. All-rounder Deepak Hooda has also played his part in offence with 30 raid points. In the defence category, Girish Maruti Ernak has been the star campaigner for the Warriors with 33 tackle points. Vaibhav Garje and Shubham Shinde have added good value to the side with 23 and 20 tackle points for the Warriors.



On the other hand, U.P. Yoddhas has had a decent season so far with four wins, five losses and a tie to its kitty. Surender Gill is in sublime form and has scored 107 raid points for the Yoddhas and he has been accompanied by the record-breaker Pardeep Narwal who has scored 90 raid points so far this season. As far as defence is concerned, Ashu Singh has taken up the defensive responsibilities exceptionally well and has amassed 30 tackle points. He has been supported by Sumit and Nitesh Kumar’s duo who have scored 25 and 18 tackle points for the Yoddhas and will look to up their game in this upcoming encounter.  


Raiders: Maninder Singh, Shrikant Jadhav, Akash Pikalmunde, Aslam Saja Mohamed Thambi, R Guhan, Suyog Baban Gaikar, Parshant Kumar.

Defenders: Girish Ernak, Amit Sheoran, Surender Nada, Parveen Satpal, Shubham Shinde, Soleiman Pahlevani, Sakthivel R, Vaibhav Bhausaheb Garje.

All-Rounders: Deepak Niwas Hooda, Ajinkya Rohidas Kapre, Ashish Kumar (Sangwan), Rohit, Balaji D, Vinod Kumar, Manoj Gowda K


Raiders: Pardeep Narwal, Surender Gill, Nitin Tomar, James Namaba Kamweti, Rathan K, Gulveer Singh, Durgesh Kumar, Anil Kumar, Rohit Tomar, Aman, Mahipal, Rathan K

Defenders: Nitesh Kumar, Abozar Mohajer Mighani, Shubham Kumar, Babu Murugasan, Jaideep, Sumit, Ashu Singh

All-Rounders: Nehal Desai, Nitin Panwar, Gurdeep


The Bengal Warriors vs UP Yoddhas Pro Kabaddi Season 9 game will be telecast live on the Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar from 7:30 PM onwards on Tuesday, November 8.

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