Chef Vikas Khanna Shares Hack On Keeping Herbs Fresh For Days

Muddling some crispy mint leaves for your mojito or topping up your chickpea salad with some tender coriander leaves, herbs can infuse a dose of freshness into any dish. However, in order to get this freshness out of the leaves, the herbs need to be tender in the first place. Keeping the herbs fresh is a task for many. While leaving them out in the open makes the leaves droopy, keeping them in the refrigerator is also of not much help. But, a solution is always there and this time, chef Vikas Khanna has come up with some much-needed tips on keeping the herbs fresh for long. Through an Instagram video, the chef shows exactly how we can make the herbs survive for longer. “Warning- These 27 seconds might save you a lot of flavours, freshness and a little $,” he wrote in the caption. Take a look:

In the video, Vikas Khanna suggests keeping the stem of the coriander herb dipped in a glass of water. He also advises that one must cover the leaves properly with a plastic bag and then place it in the refrigerator.

According to Vikas Khanna, this is “the best trick to keep the herbs fresh in the refrigerator for up to 8-10 days.” However, one must make sure that the water in the glass is changed every 48 hours to retain the freshness of the herbs. “Thank me later,” the chef added.

Now, that you know the trick to save your herbs from dying and lock the aroma in them, let us make something out of fresh coriander leaves. What can be better than a cucumber and coriander smoothie to utilise the freshness that the herb has to offer?

Our easy-peasy recipe for the smoothie requires just cucumber, coriander, and water. Below are the minimal steps for its preparation. 

Step – 1 Chop cucumber and blend it with some fresh coriander leaves and water.

Step – 2 Pour the prepared juice into a glass and add a pinch of pink salt and pepper.

Step – 3 Toss some ice cubes and your cucumber and coriander smoothie is ready. Take a sip for some instant freshness.

Try this trick to store and keep herbs fresh for days.

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