Cooking Tips To Make Crispy And Puffed Up Kachoris For Winters

There isn’t a better time to enjoy some hot and crispy kachoris than winter season. When the temperature drops, it is quite common to see people braving the cold in the morning and queuing up outside eateries for some fresh kachoris. Fried until golden brown, kachoris are often the best companion to a hot cup of tea and can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Kachoris go well with some green or red chutney and are great with some spicy aloo ki sabzi. Many of us have attempted to make street food at home and even succeeded in achieving the classic taste. But, have you been able to replicate that puffiness and crispiness of the kachoris served fresh on the roadside? If not, then chef Pankaj Bhadouria is here to help you. She, in her latest Instagram Reel, shares the much-needed tips and tricks to make our kachoris ultra crisp, puffy, and round. Take a look:

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First things first, when you prepare the dough for the kachoris, make sure that you mix the ghee properly with the maida or refined flour. To check this, try to make a ball of dough and it should not fall apart. If it does, then add some more ghee to it, the chef suggests.

Secondly, always use lukewarm water to knead the dough. If you use cold water for this purpose, the ghee will begin to solidify again and you will be left with small granules of ghee in the dough. The chef stresses that one must keep the dough soft and moist so that the kachoris turn out well. She says that people often prepare hard dough to make dal (lentils) kachori. But, she adds, the dough must be kept soft when making matar (peas) kachori.

Now, comes one of the most crucial step – frying. The chef explains that the oil should be slightly warm and not overheated to fry the kachoris perfectly. At last, remember to fry your kachoris on low flame to make them crispy and puffy.

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