Dashing Diva Valentine’s Day-themed Nail Collection Includes Dainty Hearts, Pink Glitter and Love Notes

With the turn of the new year, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Gearing up to celebrate the love-centered holiday, the nail brand Dashing Diva has released a number of Valentine’s Day-themed nail accessories, including glue-on nails, nail art stickers and gel nail strips. The nail sets come in a variety of colors including glossy red, pink and nude. The designs on the nails and nail art represent all things Valentine’s Day, including dainty hearts, pink glitter and love notes.

All of the Valentine’s Day themed nail art and press-ons are exclusively available at dashingdiva.com, while supplies last. Some nails are also offered at Ulta stores and online at ulta.com.

Here is a roundup of the love-themed nails available to purchase just in time for the upcoming holiday.

Magic Pick Adult: I Heart You ($8)

Dashing Diva’s Magic Pick Adult: I Heart You nail art stickers.


The set includes more than 75 nail art stickers in a variety of designs, including French tips with minimal black hearts, glitter-filled hearts and adorned with love notes that say “love” and “you” over the sticker. The sticker adhesives offer a quick manicure appearance with their expressive 3D nail art designs.

Gel Nails: All My Heart ($9)

With 30 nails to choose from, this set offers press-on nails featured in a long, coffin shape, with a glossy top coat. The nails come in a variety of designs, including some nails decked out in all pink sequined glitter, a nude base nail with a swirl corner tip and others with pink, red and white hear-shaped swirls.

Gel Nails: Lovely French ($9)

The Lovely French press-on nail set by Dashing Diva.

The Lovely French press-on nail set by Dashing Diva.


This glue-on nail set features all french tips, decorated with little red, pink and white hearts. All the nails in the set have a nude base and a white-colored classic french tip. Its details include a chip-free resistant shine and muffle-free adhesion for long-lasting wear.

Magic Press Design: Swirling Hearts ($9)

These press-on nails are more conventional for everyday wear, featuring an oval-shaped medium length. For easy application, the set includes 12 nail sizes, one prep pad, one nail file and one wooden manicure stick. Similar to the other press ons from the brand, this set has pink glitter and the signature swirl design decorating the corners of the nails.

Gloss Palette: Glam Kiss ($8)

Dasing Diva's Gloss Palette: Glam Kiss nail strip set.

Dasing Diva’s Gloss Palette: Glam Kiss nail strip set.


This set offers 32 nail strips with some featuring all pink glitter, pink and red confetti glitter and a standout pink base nail adorned with red kissy lips. It includes 20 bright pink base nails and 12 accent nails art stickers.

Gloss Palette: French Heart ($8)

The French Heart set includes 32 nail stickers with a statement shimmering silver-colored nail base. The additional designs on the adhesive set includes double-lined French tips with a pink and red stripe, red hearts bordered with a white trim and a geometric-like red stripe across some nails.

Magic Press Design: Love Song ($9)

This red-centered set features press-ons in 12 sizes. In a short length and a sharp, square shape, the designs include a signature Valentine’s Day red, tiny pieces of red shimmer across a glossy red nail base and an assortment of pink, red and glittery hearts on some of the nails.

Gloss Effects: Love Shack ($7)

The Dashing Diva Gloss Effects: Love Shack nail set.

The Dashing Diva Gloss Effects: Love Shack nail set.


This 27-piece nail assortment takes a simplistic approach with a nude base and a dainty, shimmering red heart decorated on the bottom corner of each sticker. These strips feature a nonwrinkle formula for easy application.

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