Duke volleyball player is telling truth about racial slur at BYU

It’s something you may not have noticed. It’s like QAnon. Or mass voter fraud. It’s another conspiracy theory. This one? That Duke volleyball player Rachel Richardson, who said she was called multiple racial slurs while playing in a game at BYU, made the entire thing up.

My email inbox has been overwhelmed with this conspiracy theory. It’s grown across social media. The right wing has spent extensive time promoting it.

But before I break down the absurdity of it all, I want to go to a moment after that game. It happened on CNN when Richardson’s father, Marvin, was interviewed by host Brianna Keilar. This moment has mostly gone under the radar, but it’s important.

You can see the interview here. Marvin Richardson describes getting a phone call from his daughter, who was crying. Something was wrong.

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