How To Roast Nuts In An Air Fryer – 5 Quick Tips You Should Know

Of all the modern appliances in our kitchen, the air fryer has to be the most recent and popular addition. A simple, hassle-free setup and practically zero mess, the air fryer has been weaved into our kitchen by being used by some of our favourite recipes. We are now comfortable with making practically everything in our air fryers, be it frozen snacks, meaty treats, or even cakes! If you are the proud owner of an air fryer and are wondering what next to try in it, we have just what you need. According to cooks and home chefs, it is a great idea to roast nuts in an air fryer with minimal oil and maximum taste!

Luckily, even if you are a beginner and aren’t familiar with using the air fryer, you can still roast nuts with ease. The dry heat is perfect to get crispy, aromatic nuts in a matter of a few minutes. Further, the quantity of oil generally used in roasting gets reduced by half. The best part is that you can use the air fryer to roast practically all kinds of nuts imaginable! From almonds to cashew nuts, pistachios to walnuts, pine nuts and even pecan nuts can be easily roasted in the air fryer without much hassle.

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Here Are 5 Quick Tips To Roast Nuts In The Air Fryer | How To Roast Nuts In Air Fryer:

If all this talk about roasting has got you hungry, worry not! We have some quick and basic tips to get you started. Just remember to read through them if you are planning to roast them in the air fryer, especially if you are trying it for the first time.

First, check the size of the nuts that you are roasting and compare them with the holes in the air fryer basket. If the nuts are bigger, you can easily transfer them directly to the tray and roast them there. If not, you would require a separate baking tray that is heat-resistant and would fit in the air fryer.

Pay attention to the kind of nuts you are roasting. Bigger nuts like almonds and cashew nuts will take more time to roast, while pistachios and walnuts would take relatively less time. Keep a margin and continue checking on the nuts in between the roasting process in the air fryer.

In case you want to use chopped nuts, it is best to roast them whole first and then chop them for your recipes. This will ensure uniform heating and the nuts will also be properly toasted.

Once the nuts are toasted, transfer them to a clean tray or empty plate and let them dry up. Avoid using a bowl as the air may not circulate properly.

Drizzle a bit of olive oil and a pinch of salt on the nuts. Toss them in the tray and let them coat properly. Store in an airtight container and enjoy them for as long as you like!

After all this cooking, if you want to give your air fryer a thorough clean-up, we have some tips for you. Click here for quick and easy tips to clean your air fryer.

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