“My Love For Mexican Food”: Hina Khan Relishes Guacamole With Tortilla Chips

If there is one cuisine that can offer you a unique blend of rich, tangy, and spicy flavours, then it has to be Mexican. From tacos and burritos to quesadillas and nachos, Mexican cuisine is characterised by the use of wide-ranging ingredients such as corn, tomato, chillies, beans, and avocado among others. Drool-worthy Mexican food is something we often scour the restaurant menu for. It includes scrumptious snacks like tacos, lip-smacking drinks such as the classic margarita, and soul-satisfying Mexican rice bowls.

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While we all have a sweet corner for spicy Mexican food, actress Hina Khan just can’t hide her love for it. In her latest Instagram Stories, she shared a plate of some creamy guacamole with a bunch of tortilla chips. “My love for Mexican food,” the text on the photo read.

But it wasn’t just the guacamole that seemed to have made Hina Khan’s day. In her Stories, the actress gave a glimpse of all the treats she relished. We could see some lamb chops that looked super delicious and cooked to perfection. “The famous lamp chops,” she wrote.


Oh, and, there was dessert too. Hina Khan enjoyed an ice cream cone with scoops of vanilla and strawberry and a delectable chocolate dessert.  

For the record, Hina Khan is currently holidaying in Texas, US, and seems like she is making the most of it. Days before her Mexican food adventure, she visited a popular bakery named ‘Collin Street Bakery’ and gave us a visual tour of it. The heavenly delicacies included everything from peanut butter cookies, nuggets, fruit nut, cheery ice boxes, coconut macaroons, lemon sugar, cinnamon butter, and pralines. She also shared a video of her biting into a mouth-watering Turkey sandwich that undoubtedly made is drool. “One of the best Turkey sandwiches I have ever had,” she wrote posting a picture of the sandwich.

What did you think of Hina Khan’s latest indulgences? Tell us in the comments. 

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