South Indian Mysore Pak Gets A Kaju Twist! Try This Innovative Recipe Today

It wouldn’t be a stretch to refer to India as a land of delicious desserts. We Indians love to end our meals on a sweet note, and luckily, we have plenty to choose from too! Gulab jamuns, rasgullas, doodh pak, rabri, kheer and more – need we add on or are you drooling already? One such dessert that has a huge fan following all across the world is Mysore Pak. The melt-in-the-mouth sweet is quite simple to prepare and can be made in our kitchen. How about giving South Indian delight an innovative twist with the addition of cashew nuts? This unique recipe is a must-try for all dessert lovers.

Said to have originated from Mysore, this square-shaped dessert is typically made by combining ghee with milk, sugar and gram flour (besan). A hint of cardamom powder may be added as per taste, but otherwise, the Mysore Pak is ideally made with just four ingredients. It is the method of cooking that gives Mysore Pak its smooth, velvety and sinful texture that we all relish.

It is said that Mysore Pak was originally intended to be a dessert served to royalty at Mysore Palace before it became ubiquitous and available to all. In this Kaju Mysore Pak recipe, this sweet treat becomes even more indulgent with the help of cashew nuts. So, if you love Kaju Katli, we bet you’ll enjoy this Kaju Mysore Pak even more. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this amazing South Indian dessert recipe.

How To Make Kaju Mysore Pak | Unique Mysore Pak Recipe With Kaju:

For the kaju Mysore pak recipe, you’ll need half a cup of cashew nuts that are finely chopped. Other than this, the ingredients required are water, sugar, besan and ghee.

First, sift the besan and keep it aside. Then, bring water to a boil and add sugar to it. Dissolve and cook till it becomes one-thread consistency.

Add one tablespoon of besan to the sugar mix and keep stirring well. Keep adding it in the same quantity till you finish off the besan entirely.

Now, add the chopped cashew nuts along with ghee in small quantities. Cook till the mixture turns brown. Turn off the flame.

Once the mixture has turned brown, transfer it to a greased plate and let it set at room temperature. Cut it, and serve fresh!

For the full recipe of kaju Mysore Pak, click here.

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