Try This Nutritionist-Approved Food Combo To Get Rid Of Acidity

Try This Nutritionist-Approved Food Combo To Get Rid Of Acidity

From satiating late-night cravings with some leftover pizza to trying out everything on the menu at the party, eating guilt-free is always fun. Feasting on fried snacks or treats not just makes us feel full but also satisfies our soul. Although, you must have noticed that consuming too many samosas in one go or guzzling down bottles of cold drinks often leaves us with an uneasy feeling in the stomach, which is usually due to acidity. This condition can spoil the whole experience of eating delicious food.

If you have been to a wedding lately and returned with acidity or heartburn, then there is a fix to it. Nutritionist Lovneet Batra, in her Instagram Stories, shares a much-needed food combo that can help you deal with acidity.

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Buttermilk with chia seeds was the home remedy that Lovneet Batra suggested. 

According to her, taking a glass of buttermilk with some chia seeds can help douse that fire in your stomach. Calling the combo an acidity soother, the nutritionist says that buttermilk has lactic acid in it which is effective in improving digestion. This lactic acid also helps fight acid reflux and provides relief when you are suffering from gastric issues.

So, whenever you feel that your stomach is bloated and there is excessive gas building up inside you, just chug a glass of chilled buttermilk and relax. If that doesn’t help, then you can consider tossing some chia seeds in your buttermilk. This, according to Lovneet Batra, may “increase the strength of the LES” and prevent stomach acid from reaching your esophagus.

While buttermilk often quenches our thirst in summer, one can also enjoy it during the cold winter months. The beverage is healthy, yummy, and you can even make a variety of recipes using it. So, if you want to include buttermilk in your diet, then here is a list of 10 recipes you can try. Click here to view the recipes. 

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