Watch: Woman Tries To Make Chocolate Mould, What Happens Next Will Leave You In Splits

The internet is a storehouse of different types of content. Out of all that, we love watching the cooking tips and hacks that go viral on social media. A lot of these hacks claim to make our lives easier on an everyday basis. While some of these tips work wonders, others might turn out to be totally impractical. Recently, a content creator tried one such viral hack that she picked up from the internet. It featured how to make chocolate moulds with ice cubes. Unfortunately, it was nothing as expected! And she took to Instagram to document the experience.

A Spanish blogger, named Amanda Barcia, took to Instagram to share a Reel which starts with a video of a person making chocolate cups using ice cubes as moulds. Next, Amanda plans to follow the tips at home and keeps some ice in the freezer. Meanwhile, she prepares a sauce with chocolate cubes. When the ice is ready, she takes a cube and dips it in the sauce. However, she finds no chocolate coat on the ice. What left us in splits was her epic reaction to the incident.

Watch the video here:

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The video in no time went all over the internet, garnering eight million views, 397k likes and thousands of comments.

Some reacted to the video with laughter emojis, some shared tips on what went wrong with her process of preparing chocolate moulds. “You had to leave more liquid chocolate,” wrote one in Spanish. Another person commented, “The problem is with the consistency. In the original video, the sauce was more liquidy.”

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A third comment read, “Add some oil to your melted chocolate.”

What are your thoughts on the video? Have you tried any such viral hack that went wrong? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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