Winter Making You Lazy? Eat These Energising Foods To Beat Fatigue

Nobody likes to be called a lazy person. But as the temperatures drop down, lethargy sets in. Winter makes us lazy and sluggish, and everything seems like a big task – right from getting out of bed and taking a shower to stepping out of the house for daily chores. But life has to go on and so do our bodies. How can you increase your energy in winter? Buoy up yourself by energising your diet. There are plenty of energy-producing foods that you can easily find and consume in winter. An expert shortlisted the best ones for us. 

What foods give you immediate energy in winter? 

While there are many options in our kitchen, nutritionist Prachi Shah has suggested some of the most common and effective winter-special foods re-energise your body and get out of the energy slump.  

Here’re 6 Best Winter Foods That Are High In Energy: 

1. Nuts 

Nuts are the best food for snacking in winter. No cooking, no fuss. Just pick up a handful of your favourite nuts and get rid of hunger in an instant. Nuts like almonds, walnuts and pistachios are readily available in all households. They provide Omega 3 fatty acids and lots of proteins to pick you up on any lazy day.  

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Nuts are a powerhouse of energy-giving fats. 
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2. Dates Milkshake 

Besides warming up your body from within, dates provide a wealth of vitamins and natural sugars like glucose, sucrose, and fructose – all of which impart energy and vigour. Click here for a simple recipe for dates milkshake that you can make in just 15 minutes.  

3. Seasonal Fruits 

It’s not just the winter greens that you should be stocking in your pantry. Add lots of seasonal fruits to your grocery shopping list. Orange, strawberries, chikoo, guavas, grapes – there is a host of options to pick from. 

4. Eggs 

If you are in a habit of eating eggs every morning, you are on the right track. The protein and vitamin D3-rich eggs are revered for their nutritional properties. Here are some delicious egg recipes you can make for breakfast.  

5. Sweet Potato 

Sweet potatoes are a nutrient-rich food; just 100 gms provide 109 Kcal energy and 24 gms of healthy carbs. This makes sweet potato a better option than regular potato in winter, as it provides a good amount of energy minus empty calories and loads of other nutrients. 

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Sweet potato offers various essential nutrients.
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6. Methi Paak 

Methi paak is a winter-special Indian sweet, popular in Gujarat. The sweet is made from methi dana, flour, dry fruits and spices – all these ingredients warm and energise the body. 

Get your dozy self moving with these winter-special energising foods.  

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